Single Parent Loans And Benefits

Single Parent Loans And Benefits

Are you a single parent or carer, living in the UK having a child under the age of 16? There are a number of government welfare initiatives, benefits, loans, grants and tax credits that you may be qualified to receive. Whenever you are fighting as a single parent, trying to raise children, work part or full time and are below, at or close to the poverty line, there are quite a few support advantages that you qualify for. Even if you do not qualify for the low income support benefits there are still a number of other grants or tax credits that you might be eligible for. Find all of the information you need to acquire the financial assistance you need right here in this article.

There are numerous loans and advantages a single parent is allowed to apply for when they have a kid under the age of 16, 20 when they’re in full time education and resides with the carer parent.

Child Maintenance Calculator

The first advantage isn’t a welfare benefit of this government 0 is encouraged through the legal procedure after a partnership or union ceases to exist. The ex-partner from the marriage or civil union, still bears financial responsibility for their children. Therefore they are required to pay child care to the main caregiver for your child(ren) from the union.

The child maintenance calculator is preserved by the UK government to provide partners that are deciding on the agreement by themselves an estimate of what the machine would prescribe if the matter be obtained before the Child Maintenance Service. In the majority of circumstances, this is only available for ex-partners that reside in the united kingdom.

Utilize the overall Benefits calculator to learn about other financial assistance aid you might be qualified for.

Budgeting Loans

All these are no-interest loans that are available to help with essential living requirements like white goods, furniture, maternity needs. To be eligible for this loan you must have already been collecting benefits for a 6-month interval. The minimum loan amount is #100

Child Benefit

The child benefit is a paid benefit to the primary carer to parents at the sum of 20.30 per week for your first child and #13.40 for subsequent children per week. In the event that you or your partner earn more than that amount, the benefit is going to be clawed back.

Also included for new mums is free dental hygiene and free prescriptions throughout your pregnancy and until the child reaches 1 year old. This benefit is available regardless of income.

Statutory Maternity Pay (Paternity)

If you’re still pregnant you’re also eligible for a statutory payment from your current employer or directly from the government. You will have to have worked at the previous 26 weeks prior to the 15th week before the baby is due, to be eligible for the benefit from the employer. If you don’t qualify for SMP, you may be eligible for Maternity Pay in the government. The base advantage is #136.78 a week or 90% of your weekly wages, whichever is less.

Single Parent Loans And Benefits
Single Parent Loans And Benefits

Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA)

This benefit is specifically if you’re looking for work, but of course is available to single parents. During the time you’re raising a child and are searching for full or part time job you might qualify for this benefit. But you need to be active on your job hunt to be eligible and continue to receive payments.

In case you haven’t signed on as unemployed, work less than 16 hours per week, and have a low income than you would also qualify for Revenue support in addition to this Child Claim and Child Tax Credit. The weekly minimum qualifying amount is 57.90.
Housing Benefit
The housing benefit is especially for low income earners but can help you cover rent within this situation. As an unemployed primary carer, you’d most likely qualify. The advantage is dependent upon income and the housing rates in your location.

Additionally, there are heating and housing benefits for chilly weather, winter fuel payments and energy saving benefits to improve the efficiency of your property. These are available under certain circumstances at certain times.

Health Benefits

The Healthy Start advantage from the NHS supplies weekly coupons for milk, formula milk, vitamin supplements and even fresh or frozen vegetables for qualifying single parent households. If you’re a low income earner, on JSA, IS, or a housing benefit, you probably qualify.

Other Benefits and Loans and grants

Tax Credits

There are also other tax credits you can qualify for on top of the above mentioned benefits as a single parent.

Child Tax Credit

This tax credit is for parents with kids under 16 years of age and depends upon your personal situation such as income, disability or childcare expenditures. For every child you may be eligible for around #2,780 along with a base amount of #545. Other elements could be added to these numbers based on your circumstance as a single parent.

Working Tax Credit

The tax credit is for the ones that work at a minimum of 16 hours each week for single parents with at least one child and ends in a #2,010 disbursement for the year. This tax credit is paid each week and you might qualify for a higher amount if you’re also handicapped or are paying for childcare.

If you’re working while raising your child as a single parent you may also be entitled to a childcare tax credit of #122.50 for 1 kid or #210 for 2 children or more, based upon your income. The childcare must also be registered and approved to obtain the credit.

Most single parents aren’t even conscious of the over 3000 charitable grants out there. These grants are often one-time payments to help in a variety of manners for single-parent households to make it through a specific hardship. It might consist of invoice payments, help through chilly weather utility payments, grants for educational courses and other welfare purposes. It is as easy as searching an online grant search tool to see what fits your criteria.
If you are a single parent struggling to make payments for utilities and housing and to put food on the table, there are lots of ways that you can probably raise your monthly benefits, tax credit or apply for a charitable grant. Do not reside need, get help now.

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