How to Get Free Cable

free cable

Did you know there are methods to escape from paying for the $50, $100 or $200 cable bill and begin getting cable for free?

My husband and I chose to try life without cable TV once we moved from our suburban home into a small hobby farm out in the country.

We’re convinced we would not have the need or desire for cable TV in our brand new, blissful country home. Who’d want to watch TV when there’s a whole bounty of nature waiting right outside your doorstep?

Well, as with all things we eventually got used to getting character right outside our doorstep. Spring, summer and fall are fantastic here, but character or no temperament these very long Midwestern winter still take their toll on our brains, and even more so when getting to fun destinations requires forty-five moments.

Soon after moving to the farm, we all realized we still enjoyed spending time before the TV. Winding down throughout the night, or having a frugal film night at home supposed good TV viewing options were important to people, albeit less so.

Ways to Get Fundamental Cable for Free or Affordable

The five or four stations we were getting without any assistance got boring pretty quickly, so we decided to start looking into a cable alternatives which may allow us to pick up some cable channels without paying the $50 a month for a cable TV subscription we had been paying before we proceeded.

It has now been over five years since we moved into the country and eliminate cable, and we couldn’t be happier.

We have more than 50 channels to choose from for our television viewing, and it’s costing us nothing. Although we do cover different options, we no longer pay for cable and it’s a wonderful feeling.

If you’re interested in getting free basic cable and saving money on your TV viewing options, check out this listing of legit ways to find basic cable without paying for overpriced cable subscriptions.

6 Legit Ways to Get Free Cable (And Cheap Options)

When we first decided to not transfer our cable TV subscription around the farm, I must confess I was somewhat worried.

We’re not enormous television watchers by business averages (the typical American spends approximately five hours a day watching TV) but we do thoroughly enjoy twisting down our days by sitting facing some tv entertainment, especially during the winter months as it’s too cold to be outside.

But since we’re also staunchly in favor of saving money where we could in order to reach our financial objectives, we just can’t stomach paying for a cable subscription, so we’ve learned to utilize some other choices for accessing basic cable stations at no cost.

1. HDTV Antenna

You might be surprised to learn just how many cable and other stations you can access with an adequate HDTV antenna. No, I’m not talking about that old set of rabbit ears sitting in your parents’ basement. Today’s TV antennas have amazing broadcasting skills that can substantially boost your TV viewing choices. In major metropolitan areas, you may be able to get up of one hundred channels simply by using a decent antenna. I’ll start with the fundamentals to share how the current TV antennas work. Though many of you likely already know this information, you can find some out there (like me) that may not be versed on the way the pretty display images get from point A to point B and that there are choices for raising TV viewing channels. For example, do you choose an indoor antenna or an outdoor antenna? Directional or multi-directional? Which kind of antenna you pick for your home will be dependent upon a couple of different items.

2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime memberships continue to grow in popularity as people love the fact that Prime members receive free two-day delivery on every order. However, because an Amazon Prime member you can also get Amazon Prime Video at no cost. Amazon Prime Video has an amazing selection of TV shows and movies — such as cable show episodes, etc. — that you can watch for free if you’re an Amazon Prime Member. Amazon Prime boasts over 40,000 movies and TV show episodes to choose from — you can’t beat their choice. One of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest benefits is the large selection of HBO original series episodes. You can watch episodes of hot HBO classics such as Amazon Prime Video delivers many other cable TV station episodes also. No shortage of options here in case you’re looking for free cable TV episodes. While it’s reasonable to say that a number of the TV series and film choices on Amazon (and other similar streaming solutions ) are rather blasé’, there are enough great options to keep you occupied for months on end if you like your TV viewing time and have a unique affinity for cable station TV shows and films.

3. Hulu

Hulu is similar to other streaming plans since it offers thousands of TV series episodes and movies for members. They’ve essentially got three distinct streaming programs. Fundamental Hulu is $5.99 a month for complete access to streaming shows and movies, but this program does include commercials. Hulu’s $11.99 plan is just like the $5.99 plan with one exception: no commercials. For many people (me included) it would be well worth an additional four bucks a month to cut the ads. We get enough of these on regular TV.

Warning: there’s a brief list of specific series episodes that comes with a commercial before and after each episode, even when you have the”no commercials” plan.

Hulu has a wide variety of shows and films to select from, together with free access to cable TV series from popular cable channels like Bravo, Cartoon Network, A&E and more. It also has access to displays from among my personal favorites, The Food Network. You can watch episodes of Cake Wars, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, The Fantastic Food Truck Race and many others. A great deal of choices here for basic cable TV shows. The principal benefit for this plan is that you get to watch your cable TV station and other shows live instead of having to wait until they come out about the regular lineup. In case you have trouble waiting for the season episodes to come out about the streaming avenues you can get Hulu Live, but you are getting close to paying basic cable bundle costs at this point.

free cable
free cable

4. Netflix

Netflix is the support we now use in our family to get access to a massive selection of TV show episodes and films. As a bonus, they offer access to a lot of standard cable channel displays too. We’ve had Netflix for approximately four years now and do not have any plans to stop using it at this time. I have thought about switching to Amazon Prime many days, but there are a few episode series that my kids insist we want access to that aren’t on Prime Video. So basically, I’ve been outnumbered four to one in favor of some semi-entertaining child shows. Netflix offers three Distinct strategies for TV viewers: the Simple Plan, the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan.

5. is a free web site that offers information about different TV shows (for example, launch date, cast, episode guides, etc.), breaking entertainment news, and community forums to get specific TV shows too. What additionally offers is free online viewing of several cable tv station episodes. In my hunt through their TV display list, I discovered free online screening of episodes for many different shows in several genres. Beware, however, since many of the links to reveal episodes will direct you to Amazon Prime or some other streaming network to cover episodes or sign up for their service.

6. Free Online Viewing

Among the more popular methods to get totally free basic cable is to watch your favorite cable tv show episodes free directly from your favorite cable station. As an example, if you see the House and Garden TV station internet site, you can find free, full episodes of these cable TV hits as The Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper. If you stop by the Food Network web site, you will discover free episodes of favorite shows such as Iron Chef America, Barefoot Contessa and Good Eats. Even HBO has gotten into the game, offering free episodes on its web site of popular shows like Game of Thrones and Six Feet Under. Some documentaries are available for free on the site also, such as War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend. Although you won’t find each and every episode of your favorite cable TV channels for free, you can find a large range of free episodes on each cable station website — enough to keep you occupied for months on end.

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