How to Get Paid to Advertise For Companies

Make Money With Marketing Online

A great way to earn some excess money these days is to have paid to advertise for businesses. You may prefer to create money posting ads online. Or perhaps advertising from the offline world is more for you. Either way, this can be a really lucrative way to find some additional income.

And in certain cases, with a bit of work to put up it, you can turn this into a strong passive revenue stream. That is, after you put everything set up, you can sit back and see the cash roll in.

Make Money With Marketing Online

When you consider the question of how can you earn money advertising on the internet, you will likely often think of social media influencers talking about the benefits of things like weird weight-loss teas.

And sure, that’s definitely one way to generate money advertising. But there is a slew of others as well that will not make your pals hate every selfie you post.

What they all have in common however is that a need to get in touch with your audience in order to be prosperous.

This can definitely take some time. For instance, you’re not just going to make an Instagram webpage and have 100,000 followers instantly.

You’ll want to build up your audience to a point that there are enough of them to make good money and that they trust you enough to rely on the ads you are posting.

And as you’ll see, this can be done in various ways depending on how you decide to get paid to market for companies online.

Get Paid to Advertise For Companies
Get Paid to Advertise For Companies

1. Manage a site

Running a website can be a very lucrative way to make money with advertising. And if you put enough time inside and develop your audience, this may be among the most effective ways to make passive income by posting ads for businesses.

I am confident you’ve heard of site owners who are making literally millions of dollars while they sit on a beach drinking cocktails in Thailand. And they definitely exist.

But by putting in some work in your blog to cultivate your visitors, you can definitely reach the purpose of earning just a couple of hundred dollars each month — if not much, much more.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for you to get paid to advertise online. Not only are you able to make a great deal of money with this, but once you’ve built it up, it can basically work as passive income.

It’s associated with some of the choices above but is worth mentioning as an individual approach to generate money advertising.

  • How affiliate marketing works

This involves you getting a commission for a product or service that you recommend.

  • How is this passive income?

Basically, as soon as you’ve written the article, the only work that needs to be done is promoting it and perhaps updating it from time to time if any data changes.

This means that a report can exist online forever with minimal effort from the website owner, generating clicks and, then, income.

3. Get paid to advertise on social media

  • Snapchat

Snapchat is unquestionably the up-and-coming money maker in the social networking world.

It is particularly lucrative if you’re in a position to target your message to the main market of users of this program.

Have a look at our article on the best way to earn money on Snapchat to find out more.

Make Money With Marketing Online
Make Money With Marketing Online
  • Facebook

For the first choice, this works similarly to submitting sponsored advertisements on your own blog. In other words, companies will pay you to post links to their own products/services or links to articles about these products/services.

It can be hard to get companies to advertise on your Facebook page if you are just beginning, so it’s best to work to construct a bit of a following first before going down this path.

The second option entails running advertising campaigns on Facebook to encourage people to sign up for something with your own business.

This will have the goal of getting people to purchase one of your own products or services. Alternatively, it could simply entail getting them to visit a webpage on your site to register for a mailing list — with the aim this list will generate income in future.

  • Instagram

If you’re already an Instagram user, you probably know how people get paid to advertise on this platform.Every day we find more people discovering new innovative ways to promote products on Instagram. But this is since it can be a real moneymaker.

By way of example, it’s noted that Kylie Jenner earns $1.27 million for every sponsored post. Obviously, you will not be earning those kinds of amounts without a great deal of work ahead to grow your own audience. But you can begin by enrolling in an Instagram-focused ad platform, like Izea or influenza, and see where it is possible to go from there.

  • Get paid to post advertisements on Pinterest

Pinterest today permits you to make money posting advertisements for businesses on their platform via sponsored pins.

The bigger your perspective count, the more likely it is people will click on your links and make you a commission payment, so it’s a fantastic idea to work at building your audience first.

Just make sure you’re following the principles of both Pinterest and the advertiser. For example, for a very long time, Pinterest users weren’t permitted to post links to Amazon products. This has changed but it’s something to double-check before trying to make money this manner.

4. Programs that pay you to advertise

There are a number of apps that pay you to market them by letting you make money as soon as your friends sign up for the app too.

The companies that own these apps know that referral obligations are a great incentive for you to encourage other people to use these apps — which, in turn, makes money both for you and the app owners.

Case study: How to get paid to advertise a program. When you sign up with Swagbucks (and verify your email address), you are given a free $5 sign up bonus. You’re then able to access a particular referral link on your account menu.

5. Freelance as an ad expert to get paid to post advertisements for companies online

Businesses know that social networking advertising is invaluable for generating traffic to their websites. Luckily for you, many are awful at it or simply have no idea where to start. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to get paid to market for them.

Sites like Freelancer really are a good place to promote your own services or to find individuals that are advertising their requirements for all these services. You’ll need a good grasp on the several ways to make money with marketing and how to monitor ad performance, as well as an ability to advise companies on what might work best for them.

But in the event that you’re able to market yourself as using these abilities, there’ll almost surely be a company out there ready to pay you to find the services that you are able to supply.

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